“Success Within” A Great Success!

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“Success Within” A Great Success!

Lisa Wysocky’s “Success Within” was a great success!  It was a beautiful October day in Leiper’s Fork, TN where a group of 19 gathered for discussion on goal setting, leadership, creativity, relationships; and then it was hands-on with the horses.  Poco and Bunny, our two mares, showed us what we can learn from herd behavior and what we can discover about ourselves.  These two are very much the opposite of each other. Poco is a highly secure and intelligent horse who is the Alpha. Bunny, while a smart and willing horse, shows a lot of insecurity and needs a confident leader to tell her what to do. Working with these two allowed participants to discover their own energy and who they need to be to work with others.  Other topics were revealed like safety, boundaries, problem solving and accountability.  Lisa pointed out, that research shows, when we use our creativity and get out of mundane routine, neurons are stimulated in our brains and wake everything else up. Horses themselves need creativity in their daily routines with humans or they can become depressed. Working with horses can help humans unleash their own creativity, awakening the imagination and power within us.

Several members of GoodWorks in Leiper’s Fork attended to experience the personal development side of their mission.  I hope we can partner in the future for more intuitive, experiential learning.  All in all, it was a great day.  We acquired a couple new volunteers and ideas are brewing for more workshops like this.

Thank you Anthony Scarlati for the great photos, and thank you all for coming out!


(For more photos, click here to go to the Facebook page)


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